History of the Inn

Restoring Faith in the Inn

December of 2000 brought change to the village of Wales and to the lives of your innkeepers. The Nierzwicki family was blessed and living the epitome of the "American Dream" including the family dog, mini-van and white picket fence. A decade before, the search for their "treasure" had been exhausted. Without their intention, the "for sale by owner" property in Wales spurred their past hopes and following a whim, they inquired on its availability. With God-incidences turning each event into a blessing, the Jerusalem Presbyterian Church accepted the offer-to-buy. Though they saw the grandness hidden within the walls of their new home, family and friends offered their prayers as this labor of love began. With help from many friends and talented helpers, the house was revived. Like Peter and God’s church, the house had a strong foundation and a structure that at times seemed impermeable.


Naming the Inn

Historical Wales, WI Glacial Drumlin Bike Trail

The elegance and grandeur of the Queen Anne Victorian commanded the name "Ty-Mawr" from the Welsh villagers; translation, the big house. For your host family, however, their Welsh connection and knowledge of the language and traditions was limited. They had been drawn to the area by which many century old travelers came, The Glacial-Drumlin State Trail. Originally the Chicago-Northwest Railway, they found it fitting to re-direct interest to what established the village of Wales. And so staying with the romance of the Victorian era, they adopted the penny farthing bicycle as the symbolic logo for the new bed and breakfast in Wales, The Pedal'rs Inn. Seen here on the far right is the Elias Home and next in the carriage house from 1/3 mile away.