Pedal'rs Inn Pet Policies

Pedal'rs Inn Pet Owner Agreement

The Pedal’rs Inn accepts well-behaved canine pets and their owners as there are some beautiful natural settings to enjoy. Our canine pet agreement is meant to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests and to protect people, pets and property.  Please review the following policies.  Acceptance of these policies is made by signing and returning a copy in advance of your arrival. Any questions, please contact Pedal'rs Inn prior to your stay. A link for local pet care is provided as an alternative option.

  • Advance reservations are required for all pets at a $25.00/day (plus tax) additional fee.  Guests checking in with pets must arrive prior to 5:00 PM on the day of check-in. As with any reservation, person or pet, 14-advance notice to innkeeper will apply and standard reservation cancellation charges will apply for accommodations for pet as well. A "no show" of a pet is considered as a such for a reservation and will be charged. Your innkeeper can assist in room selection for your comfort.
  • Guest pets should be well socialized with humans and other animals.  Destructive, aggressive, or uncontrollably noisy pets will not be tolerated at the Inn. Boxers, Pitbull, Rottweiler, Dobermans and PittMastifs and dogs over 100 lbs are not accepted.
  • All shots for your pet must be current and signing this agreement acknowledges personal responsibility by the owner. Please provide documentation or vet contact information.
  • Your pet must be on a flea prevention program. Please list: ____________________________
  • Pets cannot be dropped off early (before check-in) or left after check-out.
  • Pets must be leashed at all times when not in your room.  If you've forgotten yours, one can be provided. Additional paying guests may not have the same love for pets and their comfort is to be a priority and respected. Also, for your pet’s safety, our property has surrounding roadways where an unfamiliar, uncontrolled pet may be harmed/killed.
  • Clean, dry pets will be allowed in the indoor parlor spaces in the inn upon review of pet’s disposition. Pets are to remain on the floor, not the furniture.  Pets are not allowed in the dining room.
  • If left alone in your room, your pet must be in a secured kennel and must be quiet.
  • You will be liable if your pet damages Inn property.  Repairs or replacements will be options and added to your bill, albeit after check-out.   Pets are never to be placed in the tub or on the guest beds. Evidence of such will result in additional cleaning costs as the pet owners responsibility.
  • If one of those inevitable ‘accidents’ occurs, please clean up after your pet immediately and notify an innkeeper.  Cleaning supplies are located under linens in the linen closet in our 2nd floor hallway.
  • If your pet is dirty after an outing, worn towels provided by your innkeeper should be used to clean and dry your pet before allowing your pet into the carpeted areas of the inn/room.  If you need more towels please contact the innkeepers.  White guest towels are not to be used for pets.
  • Respectful dog owners pick up after their pets.  Large grey trash recepticles are at the back of the house.  Let the innkeeper know if you need waste bags.  Please keep your pet out of the gardens and carriage house.
  • The Pedal’rs Inn reserves the right to ask unaccommodating owners/pets to leave and owner will be held to agreed payment of stay.
  • Restrictions are subjected to innkeepers best judgment should pet appear impeccably trained & docile.

Our pets, Bailey and Ginger are social dogs. Just ask and we can tell you where some of their favorite dog park, hiking trails and walking routes are. But be prepared! The public enjoys meeting new dogs and you may not get very far at public events before stopping for a "therapeutic petting".  Also, you can count on a treat at the Village Hall if you stop in to learn more about our community.