Gourmet Breakfast

Dietary restrictions--No Worries!

Pedal'rs Inn gourmet breakfast room serviceIt's a bed AND BREAKFAST! Great attention goes into the first meal of your day...Breakfast!

Coffee Service is delivered at 7:30 with burr ground and freshly brewed coffee.

Breakfast is served daily at 8:30. On weekend mornings, a 4-course breakfast is provided including sorbet, fruit, main entrée, and dessert. For weekday guests, 3 courses are served.   The Cook's Choice style menu incorporates local ingredients with seasonal fruits and vegetables, honey and eggs from our Wisconsin farmers.  Hometown Meats, ABeeC Honey and Brennan's Fruit Market help us provide some of Wisconsin delicious edibles. Be sure to save room for an enticing dessert, possibly one of our a chocolate temptation.

If a private breakfast is more what you desire, our In-Room Breakfast Service can be delivered between 9:15-9:45 a.m. for an additional charge of $30.00. Enjoy the luxury of sleeping in a little longer and still receive the same fabulous breakfast.

Cook's philosophy:  Dietary restrictions take a "180" in my kitchen. There are so many wonderful foods available in this day and age that I take dietary restrictions and expand the breakfast to be a new culinary experience for everyone. Thank God for all that we have to offer!